So Who’s Behind This?

What can I say? I’m a nerd

Sure, I’m aware of rock and pop music, but you’ll usually find me geeking out to classical music (especially band music) and trying to belt out Broadway tunes while in the car. Music has been my passion since I was a kid; I can’t imagine my life without it. I live in the Chicago suburbs with my husband and cats. I have a large model horse collection (I’m in the process of uploading pics of my collection) and attend the Model Horse Nerdfest (aka BreyerFest) each year.

Lori the Nerd

Lori the Nerd in her natural habitat – the band room. CLCB and MCC combined Halloween concert 2012.

I’ve been working my way back to composing and arranging. I love arranging – taking a piece of music and changing it up for other instruments. It gives me a chance to introduce great music to new audiences. Thanks to fantastic resources like IMSLP, I have hoarded a ton of music to play with!

I graduated with a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition from the Ohio State University (1997) and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (2005).  I work as a cataloger in a public library while teaching private clarinet lessons and pursuing various playing and writing opportunities. I play clarinet, bass clarinet, and piano in the Crystal Lake (IL) Community Band, the Woodstock (IL) City Band, the Knock on Wood Clarinet Choir, a clarinet quartet, and Winds Off the Lake Woodwind Quintet.

I sell my sheet music at Sheet Music Plus. I’m continually working on getting more pieces available. For the band directors out there, I have several pieces that would work great for solo and ensemble.

I’ve also put up a few tracks of my work on SoundCloud. Enjoy!




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  1. I don’t know if you’d like to reply to the comments I left to your blog or not; but if you do, my full name is printed here.

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