Classical music… according to Google autocomplete – via Classic FM

Classical music… according to Google autocomplete – Classic FM.

This fun article (linked above) by Classic FM came across my Twitter feed and I just had to share. As someone who loves classical music and wants to introduce others to it (I’m writing this blog, after all!) it’s interesting to see what others’ perceptions are. While there are certainly some pieces that I like more than others, it’s safe to say that, as a whole, I do not think “classical music is boring”. I feel it’s often portrayed that way, though, which saddens me.

(However, I’m highly entertained by the thought that composers are made of fire. If I continue to toil away on my compositions, will I eventually burst into flame?)

I recommend watching the two videos. The tuba bumblebee is amazing and the Pachelbel rant is hilarious! As someone who has played that very Canon in D numerous times for weddings,  though not on cello, I certainly sympathize with how he feels. I can appreciate that it is a lovely tune, but the chances are slim that you’ll ever see me devote an entire post to the Canon. I have plenty of other pieces I’d rather talk about. Rob Paravonian, the comedian in the video, brings up a great point that so much of our pop and rock music today has a foundation in classical music. People say they hate classical music, but where would we be without it?

I hope you’ll continue to visit me on this blog while I write about the music I love. I’m certainly having fun dissecting these pieces (and learning new things about them!) I don’t think I could possibly run out of pieces to talk about – I have a long to-do list as it is, and I’m sure there are pieces haven’t heard yet that will quickly turn into favorites. “Classical” encompasses a vast body of music!

Oh, and if anyone sees that Brahms T-shirt in real life, feel free to buy it for me 🙂

Lori Archer Sutherland

Lori Archer Sutherland earned a Bachelor of Music in Theory and Composition degree from the Ohio State University and a Master of Library and Information Science degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. She composes, performs, and teaches clarinet. She plays bass clarinet with the Crystal Lake Community Band and the Woodstock City Band, clarinet with Winds Off the Lake Woodwind Quintet, and is the founder and organizer of the Knock on Wood Clarinet Choir, where she plays an even bigger clarinet. Check out her site and podcast at tonaldiversions.com