About the blog

About the blog

Welcome to “Tonal Diversions”, a classical music appreciation blog.  Through these articles I hope not only to bring your attention to specific musical works, but also to open the door to exploration within the world of classical music.  I’ll use music theory terms when talking about a piece, but I’ll try not to overwhelm.  For those new to music theory, you may find the following sites helpful: Ricci Adams’ Musictheory.net  and OnMusic Dictionary. I’ve also added a music theory cheat sheet page.  I’ll also link to it now and then from within posts.

Music appreciation is not limited to those who have formal training in music.  Even classical music, which I think seems intimidating to many people, can be accessible to anyone.  You may not know the technical terms as to why you like something, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you like it.  For me, knowing the technical terms and music theory enhances the reasons I like the piece, though I would still like the piece even if I didn’t know exactly why!  I loved music long before I had any training in it beyond my childhood piano lessons. And thanks to cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Disney’s Fantasia, we probably all know more classical music than we realize.

The pieces I discuss will be, simply put, pieces I like.  There are plenty of books and blogs that cover “must-listen” classical pieces and pieces that you “should” like as a Proper Classical Music Enthusiast.  I may cover some of those works, but it’s because I enjoy them. But I’m sure some other pieces will sneak their way into the blog!

For some pieces I might highlight themes, moods, and such.  Other times I might delve more into the music theory side of things, talking about keys, chords, and more.  I will include time marks to indicate when to listen for something I’ve pointed out (i.e. listen for the main theme beginning at 0:15).

So sit back, grab your speakers or headphones, and enjoy the ride!

Here’s the playlist of all the pieces I talk about here, including what I share on my “Bonus Features” posts.

Looking for sheet music?

I can relate! I’m often looking for printed music of songs I like. One of my favorite resources is the Petrucci Music Library/IMSLP site, which houses a ton of public domain sheet music. If you’d like to support the blog, you can use my affiliate link when shopping at Sheet Music Plus. Other good sites are J.W. Pepper and Stanton’s Sheet Music. One thing I will not do, however, is provide links to unauthorized distributors. We all like free stuff, but the people who produce this sheet music deserve to get paid for what they are selling. Let’s encourage them to keep creating!

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