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Les Six

How to Listen to Tailleferre’s Energetic “Ouverture”

In deciding which piece to tackle next, the fact that March is Women’s History Month meant that it’s a great time to talk about “Ouverture” by Germaine Tailleferre (1892-1983). She was a prolific French...

Paul Hindemith, 1945

Music Appreciation: Turandot (Symphonic Metamorphosis) by Paul Hindemith

I thought it was time for another movement of Paul Hindemith’s Symphonic Metamorphosis, this time the second movement: “Turandot; Scherzo; Moderato.” Just like the other movements, this one was also inspired by the music...

Tam O'Shanter Makes His Escape by Mary and Angus Hogg

This Eerie Song Will Get You Into the Halloween Spirit

Gather ‘round for the tale of dear Tam o’Shanter, a farmer who spent one evening getting drunk with friends and had a night he (and his horse) will never forget. Okay, so he spends...

Paul Hindemith, 1945

Music Appreciation: Andantino (Symphonic Metamorphosis) by Paul Hindemith

Over a year ago, I discussed the march from Symphonic Metamorphosis here on the blog and commented that I’d eventually talk about the other movements in this fantastic piece. Why wait any longer? Today...

Richard Strauss

How To Listen To the Powerful Wiener Philharmoniker Fanfare

It’s time to feature another fanfare, one composed for a specific orchestra and purpose. The Vienna Philharmonic is familiar to many; I’d guess that even people not overly familiar with classical music may have...

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