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Statue of Gustav Holst

Holst Suite Showdown: First vs. Second

British composer Gustav Holst (1874-1934) paved the way for modern concert band music. Other composers had written for groups of wind and percussion instruments before (sometimes called “bands”), but Holst’s two suites for military...

A photograph of pages of sheet music

Review: SmartMusic Music Practice System

Note: this review is for SmartMusic classic, which sadly is being discontinued in August, 2020. And frankly, the reviews I’ve read so far for its replacement haven’t been very favorable. (Disclaimer: I am not...

A photograph of composer Charles Ives, 1913

Bonus Features: The Alcotts

Finally, the bonus features post! I hadn’t forgotten that I wanted to do this; sometimes “real life” gets in the way. Here’s another video of the piano version. Part of the reason I chose...

A photograph of the Crystal Lake Community Band bass clarinets

Summer Music Fun: Instant Concert

I had high hopes to get the next piece up sometime this week, but life has had other plans for me. I wanted to get something posted, though, so instead I thought I’d introduce...

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