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Clarinet mouthpieces

Do You Need to Understand Classical Music to Appreciate It?

Do you have to understand something to like or appreciate it? Think about all the cultural things we experience: art, music, theater, dance, cuisine, literature. And more. People study and hone their craft in...

Lori at a piano lesson, ca. 1983

Loving classical music – unabashedly

I love classical music. Unabashedly. I’ve loved classical my whole life. My aunt used to tell a story about my four- or five-year-old self: We were in a store once,  listening to some music...

"Duke of Lancaster" and "Royal Saxon" off Cape Town by Samuel Walters

Sail the High Seas with Arnold’s Whimsical “Three Shanties”

I’m excited to introduce you to one of my favorite small ensembles – the woodwind quintet (or, wind quintet). This chamber ensemble consists of flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and horn. Isn’t the horn a...

Old-fashioned horse and sleigh

Cheer the Snowy Weather When You Hear This Favorite Winter Hit

Hearing the opening bars of Leroy Anderson’s Sleigh Ride immediately evokes mental images of snow, Christmas, or just winter in general. Certainly not a summer heat wave! Yet Anderson composed this classic winter song during...

Armenian landscape

Music Appreciation: Armenian Dances, Part I by Alfred Reed

Most people’s experience of concert band is probably listening to their kids’ beginning attempts in 5th or 6th grade or perhaps hearing the high school marching band. But many of us wind players continue...

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