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A photograph of Lori at a piano lesson, ca. 1983. She is sitting at the piano, with one hand on the keyboard, and turned to look at the camera.

Musical Ability and the Perspective of Being a Late Bloomer

I am a late bloomer. No one was in awe of my piano performance at age five. I didn’t even dazzle all that much in college. But I’m here now.

A photograph of Lori conducting a musical piece

From Fearing Writer’s Block to the Excitement of Premieres

Facing writer’s block? Here is my journey from battling writer’s block to successfully getting music onto the page and premiering my pieces.

A photograph of Lori conducting the Cor Corps French Horn Ensemble in concert

Music Appreciation: Proclamation by Lori Archer Sutherland

As I was deciding what to write about next, my husband suggested I write about one of my own pieces. Namely the piece Proclamation, as it came about thanks to O Filii et Filiae,...

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