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Episode 14: I Went to Band Camp

Synopsis:My husband and I went to band camp for adults! In this episode, find out more about our experience at Birch Creek Wind Ensemble Retreat. Find Lori’s sheet music at: Sheet Music Plus (affiliate...

Episode 9: Slice of Life

Synopsis:It’s nearing six months since I left my library job to become a full-time musician. How has this transition been going? What projects am I working on? Find out how “music and life, intertwined”...

Episode 8: Learning to Practice

Musicians are constantly told to go practice. But what does that really mean? We’re not always shown how to practice. There are methods and techniques for practicing that will help you achieve your goals.

Episode 7: The I Word

Many people in the arts are no stranger to self-doubt and impostor syndrome. In this episode, I talk about what imposter syndrome is, what some of the causes are for me, and how I’m...